Own Your Cyber


Our mission is to empower your family or small business to retake control of your digital life. We know that life is busy, so we provide technology, consulting, and continual support to make it as simple as possible for you to move your data out of the cloud and back under your control. Experience the freedom and peace-of-mind that comes with taking ownership of your cyber space and becoming digitally self-sufficient.

Is it really possible to leave the cloud?

We believe that family and small business cloud services have gotten too complicated, scattering your data across the globe with companies that you're not entirely sure you can trust with privacy and security policies that are too complex for you to fully understand. Modern cloud-based software have a lot of great features, but most people don't realize that you can run equivalent software on low cost hardware that live at your home or small business. The primary reason more people opt for cloud services, besides awareness, is simplicity and ease-of-use. We take the complexity out of running cloud-like software in-house by providing the technology, education, and continual support and monitoring.

Yes, You Can Have It All


Have ultimate control over your identity, data, and infrastructure, providing true cyber freedom.

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No more trusting vague privacy policies, experience true privacy by keeping all of your data in-house.

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Breaches happen daily. Keep your family's precious moments and critical documents safe.

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Know your cyber footprint and easily catalog your family's many online accounts.

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Understand how your technology works and what to do when you face challenges.

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Get up and going quickly, so you can get back to the things the matter.

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Value Alignment

Trust your family's core technology to a provider that shares your values.

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Keep all of your family's photos in one place for the rest of your life, securely saved to a server in your house and regularly backed up.


Organize all your files in one system that you own. Share folders with everyone in your family and even those outside in a secure manner.


Relationships are important. Keep your family's contacts in a central place, where they can be accessed by anyone from any device.


Keep everyone in your family in sync with a shared calendar, and say goodbye to scheduling conflicts.


Send and receive emails directly from your home server, using a cool email address that you fully own (such as david@johnson.rocks) and unlimited aliases.


End-to-end encrypted messaging and calling for your family, all stored on your own server. Truly private communication.

And Everything Else...

Collaborate on tasks, notes, passwords, and more. Our minerapp store has everything your family needs, ensuring that your family can leverage technology as a tool to help you lead better lives.

Start taking ownership of your cyber space today

We believe that the future of software is decentralized and that your should fully own your identity, your data, and your infrastructure. If this sounds exciting to you, we'd love to talk more about how we can serve you. Just pick a time that works best for you.